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Where can I view the Polytek product catalog? What is the difference between TinSil® and PlatSil® silicone rubbers? Does temperature and humidity affect the mold making and casting process? Can I use any Polytek silicone rubbers for food-related uses? Where can I find the Physical Properties for my product?

Smooth-On, Inc. | Mold Making & Casting Materials | Rubbers

Smooth-On manufactures industry-leading two-component materials such as silicone, urethane rubber, urethane plastic, urethane foam, epoxy resin, epoxy ...

Polytek Development Corp. - Hardcoating Foam with EasyFlo Spray

28 Jan 2016 ... Hardcoating Foam with EasyFlo Spray FR | Concrete Casting. Polytek Development Corp. ... Marble Effect - EasyFlo 60 Casting Resin · Polytek ...

Polytek Polyurethane Casting Plastics | Plastic cast, Gatorade

Polytek Polyurethane Casting Plastics Plastic Cast, Drink Bottles, It Cast, ... Polytek® Online Store | Polytek Development Corp. ... Polytek Casting Foams.

Casting Foam in Polyurethane Rubber Molds | Polytek

Tests performed at Polytek have shown that over 100 rigid, pre-primed polyurethane foam castings can be made from a polyurethane mold (mold product: Poly 74-55) with a PolyCoat coating. This polyurethane mold (on the left), coated in PolyCoat, rendered all of these rigid foam castings

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Oct 28, 2017 - Tutorials & Videos | Polytek Development Corp. ... School Decorations, Halloween Decorations, Terrarium, Foam Carving, Diy And Crafts, Crafts.

Polytek Development Corp. : Quotes, Address, Contact

Polytek Development Corp. manufactures the most complete and versatile line of liquid mold rubbers, liquid casting plastics/resins/foams and other specialty ...

Genesis Capital Advises Polytek Development Corp. on its

About Polytek Development Corp. Founded in 1984, Polytek® Development Corp. is headquartered in Easton, PA with operations in Pomona, CA and Kalamazoo, MI. Polytek is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymers including polyurethane elastomers and casting resins, silicone, latex, plastisol, thermoplastic elastomers, and epoxies.

Polytek PolyFoam F-5 Flexible Casting Foam 5lb/ft3

Product description. PolyFoam F-5 is a two-part, flexible polyurethane casting foam. This self-skinning foam has a free-rise density of 5 lb/ft³, but should be cast at a ...

Rigid & Flexible Foam Casting – brickintheyard

Casting polyurethane foams Polyurethane foams are chemically similar to their resin and rubber counterparts, however, foam casting is very different from ...

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