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of injury when operating the plant. See the Writing HS027 Safe working procedure guidelines. Obtain and keep the Manufacturer’s instructions/manual for the plant. These instructions will provide information to help complete the risk management process, maintenance schedules and if necessary a Safe Work Procedure.

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Plant and equipment covered by this procedure includes machinery, equipment, appliances, implements and tooling for example cranes, forklifts, elevated work platforms, vehicles, power tools (not including hand held power tools bought from a retailer) etc. For mobile plant this procedure is to be referred to in conjunction with G-WHS-40 Territory

Plant and equipment safety procedures

Purchasing Safety Procedures. 4.3 Risk Management 4.3.1 Risk Identification Schools, Sections and Office of Facilities Management must ensure that all hazards associated with the installation, commissioning, erection, use of plant and systems of work (SOPs) associated with that plant

Guidelines For Starting Concrete Batching Plant

Batch Plant Safe Work Procedure - batching plant can ensure you get fresh, and high quality concrete at regular intervals on construction site. However, for operating the concrete batching plant, we must follow the correct safety precautions.If you are working with concrete, make sure you protect your skin, head and eyes by wearing protective ...


Workplace Safety and Security Procedures p3 of 10 November 2004 1.0 INTRODUCTION California State University Hayward is committed to preventing workplace violence, and ensuring a safe and healthful work environment for all members of the University community. Certain campus workplace situations are recognized as presenting

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A safe operating procedure should be used for tasks and activities in your workplace that are undertaken on a regular basis and require workers to follow step-by-step procedures to ensure the task is carried out safely, e.g. cleaning a deep fat fryer (see page 16 for a sample). Caution: A safe operating procedure should not be a generic ...

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Concreting operations are vulnerable to safety and health hazards. This method statement describes the safety requirements and safe work procedure for concreting operations to: 1. Prevent improper carrying out of concreting works; 2. Carry works in a manner that’s safe at all times; 3. Know the hazards involved in performing the activity; 4. Ensure controls are in place to steer clear of hazard exposure. Use any other resources and methods not referred to in this method statement to suit the pro

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plant, and suppliers of plant as well as agents who sell plant. This OH&S procedure relates to Section 5 of the Regulations outlines the responsibilities of employers for which safe operation of plant the under the management or control of the employer.

Safe Operating Procedure

Safe Operating Procedure (Revised 10/17) HOT WORK PERMIT OPERATIONS _____ Authority . In recognition of the inherent hazards posed by certain hot work processes, the National Fire Protection Agency adopted Standard 51B, Standard for Fire Prevention During Welding, Cutting, and Other Hot Work. The United States Occupational Safety and

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Every person working with precast concrete has health and safety ... incorrect lifting and erection practices, including unsafe rigging and inadequate or ... ensuring safe use, handling and storage of plant, structures and substances. – providing ...

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How should batch plants be inspected?

Safety Measures When Working With Batching Plants | Utranazz

Important safety tips when working with batching plants: Go through training, protocol and emergency procedures with everyone who will be operating construction equipment. If an emergency occurs and the batching plant needs to be shut off immediately, be certain that everyone knows how to turn it off.


people engaged in construction work must possess a current Safe Pass card, having successfully completed the one-day safe-pass training. Safe Pass cards must be renewed as appropriate. Proof of such training should be available on site. PLANT/EQUIPMENT CERTIFICATION It is a legal requirement that most construction plant is tested and examined ...

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The Material Plant Quality Program (MPQP) provides procedures to approve proportioning material plants that produce materials for Caltrans construction projects according to the MPQP Manual and Caltrans specifications. The following material plants require approval (but are not limited to): HMA batch and continuous; Asphalt rubber binder

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Ladders, concrete mixers, power tools, scaffolding, cranes, hoists, wheelbarrows . ... What work practices and procedures exist that relate to the safety of plant?

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4 Dec 2019 ... Isolation. Using concrete barriers to isolate plant from workers. Storing gas cylinders in specific storage facilities. Energy tag and lockout ...

safe operating procedures for a mini batching plant

batch plant safe work procedure Standard Operating Procedure: Plant - Queensland Urban Utilities. This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) details the ...

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2020年10月1日 — Monitored and logged process variables for entire process, ensuring proper and efficient operation. Issued Safe Work Permits to maintain safe ...

PDF Scaffolding Working at Height Safety Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to set standards to which scaffolds will be erected using sound materials, standards for their safe use, establish inspection parameters and identify co-ordination requirements so as to minimize interface problems. This procedure is to ensure that all scaffolding activities will be managed safely. 3. SCOPE

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22 Jun 2016 ... It applies to concrete batching plants in the pre-mixed and ... standard operating procedures (SOPs); safe work method statements (SWMS) ...

Concrete Mix, Pour, and Placement Safety Program - SafetyInfo

• Operational procedures • Continuous supervision • Inspections and audits • Concrete mix preparation to the design and specific strength required. • Proper moisture content according to the design specifications. • Sampling from each batch, or as required by the engineer’s specifications. • Assignment and use of PPE ...

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Safety Circul Safe Work Procedures Page 2 ♦ Scope of Safe Work Procedures and Documentation The scope of safe work procedure must include: (a) the provision of suitable personal protective equipment to persons carrying out the work; and (b) the safety precautions to be taken in the course of work and during an emergency. (c) The ...

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Safe work instructions do not replace the requirement for training; they may however be used to supplement or guide the training process and provide reminders for staff and students on the operating protocols and controls. More information on Safe work instructions can be found in Guidelines for safe work instructions (pdf 56kb)


Plant calibration is the responsibility of the Producer/Contractor. Check the general layout of the plant before the equipment is erected to ensure efficient operation and adequate space for stockpiling and handling materials in compliance with specification requirements. Whenever possible, avoid the arrangement and erection of batching plants in


SAFE WORK PROCEDURES ROLLER / COMPACTOR SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Operator s ticket is required to operate road rollers with an engine capacity greater than 2 litres in Queensland. 2. Only those persons who have been instructed in the safe use of th e machine and are authorised to do so are to operate this type of plant. 3.

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